Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hand Dryers Reduce Costs

Even though we sell a lot of paper towels and dispensers to businesses, they can still save money if they choose in their restrooms by switching to hand dryers. They are very durable and made to withstand the daily rigors of high volume bathrooms. Companies, restaurants and other businesses should consider the savings of dryers over buying paper towels week in and week out. The Bobrick Eclipse Automatic Hand Dryer is sleek and attractive. You don’t need a bulky, unattractive hand dryer that sounds like some form of construction equipment when it is running in your public restroom. Use the Eclipse Automatic Hand Dryer to replace the dispenser with individual, or rolls of paper toweling. The paper towel dispenser is an attempt to be sanitary, and to be cost effective, but there are downfalls to this system. Because the user has to touch a lever to dispense on many of these dispensers, germs are being spread. Also, cleanup gives added costs, whether the cleanup is the floor with wasted towels, or in the trash. The appearance of the public restroom is compromised as well as added cost of labor to keep it cleaned. American Dryer machines answer both problems. It is an automatic hand dryer, therefore all the user has to do is put their hands there for it to start. No touching and no spreading of germs. Paper towel waste, and cleanup labor is eliminated.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pallet Wrap For Shipping

If you have a number of consignments to ship to various retail establishments on pallets, you will definitely need some very secure yet light weight material that you would use for wrapping them. There are numerous companies that are manufacturing such pallet wrap materials. The only bad news is that few of them are really dependable.

After all it will not be a nice experience to have when you tie the consignments carefully with pallet wrap for dispatch and after some time the wrap gives in making your consignment boxes slipping and sliding all around during the shipment. That is why you require a reliable and good provider to supply you the wraps.

Usually it is the pallet wrap film that you use for smaller items. Of course the shape, size and strength of the wraps will vary from case to case. It will largely depend on the type of consignment you are going to ship. For larger items you require large size pallet wrap of higher strength to accomplish the task.

In fact you can cover as well as protect any type of items whether larger or small during transportation using either pallet wrap or the pallet wrap film. The one thing you need to take care of is that the materials used for manufacturing the wraps are good and reliable. They are durable and a little heavier in comparison to the plastic wrap that you use for carrying food.

Pallet wrap is also otherwise known as stretch wrap. It is the process of wrapping the packages or boxes containing items that have been accumulated over a pallet. The accumulated items are pulled tightly together using the force of the pallet wrap film wrapped around them. The experience is almost like using the rubber band wrapped around your fingers. As you stretch, the rubber band wraps stronger around your fingers.

The pallet wrap film you procure for your purpose could be hand grade at 45cms to 50cms or machine grade at more than 50cms. It all depends on your requirement and budget as to which one you would select finally.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Safety signs work

I’m grateful for safety signs. You know the one’s I mean. You see ‘em in restaurants, schools, restrooms, prisons, gay bars, psychotherapy offices, Jesuit monasteries, and so on. Often, they’re referred to as caution signs, or heads up signs, or Hey, Jackass, get your head outta yer rear end and look where the heck yer goin’ signs. Regardless, they serve an invaluable purpose. They alert the literate to the fact that they are approaching danger and that they had better be careful—perhaps even leave the scene all together. (As for the illiterate—they’re screwed.) These signs come in different shapes and sizes. You’ve got your standard floor sign with multi-lingual “Caution” imprint; your stand-up yellow “Wet Floor” sign; your pop-up safety cones; and, perhaps the sexiest of all safety signs, your fluorescent orange red IO hazard decal.

Yes, we owe our human survival to the safety sign. More than we know, safety signs have kept us out of harm’s way. They tell us, “Don’t go there, it’s slippery,” or “don’t light up, this is flammable,” or “cuidado, immigration officials nearby.” But for all the good they do, they’re still aren’t enough safety signs. Sure, we’ve got signs that will warn you not to dive into an empty cement pool or that will tell you a cup of coffee is hot (imagine how many Rhode scholars must have gotten concussions diving into empty cement pools or were taken totally by surprise to discover coffee is hot before those babies were invented); but what about signs I really need. Where’s the safety sign that tells me to leave the house for the day because my wife is going through PMS. Where’s the safety sign that tells me “Caution, watch what you say! The brown-noser in the next cubicle will use it against you to steal your promotion and, if possible, the bobble head doll on the corner of your desk.” And, of course, where’s the sign that blinks repeatedly, sounds a siren, and audibly yells “Stop!” as it flashes the words “Last beer before puking!” over and over again. These are the signs that would most help my life. These are the warnings I desperately need.
So I say, “Thank you, safety signs!” If only there were more of you. The world would be a safer place; and more jackasses would get their heads out of their rear ends.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Purell Hand Sanitizer Is the Best

Some might find my existence less than exciting. “C’mon,” they’d likely say, “what could possibly be fun about being a container of hand sanitizer.” But I love my life. Sure, some people might not like sitting on a bathroom counter day after day—nothing to look at but the hairy butts of peeing patrons. But I don’t mind. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a sicko or anything… how could I be? I’m a container of hand sanitizer. It’s just that I’m aware that I have a real purpose in life. On the other side of those hair-laden butt cheeks are hands in desperate need of some serious sanitation. Once that big fella in the Matt Ryan football jersey and Atlanta Braves baseball hat finishes peeing on himself, he’s gonna need someone to turn too. Who better than me, a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer? I kill germs and prepare restroom visitors for disease-free reemergence into the world of social interaction. Thanks to me, they know they can walk hand-in-hand with their girlfriend without ever having to hear the words, “Is that pee on your hands?”

Oh, but it’s not just bathrooms. I also help moms clean their kids’ hands before eating at restaurants; after playing on the monkey bars at playgrounds; or after grabbing a toy slobbered on by the family dog. Yes, who else but your trusty Purell hand sanitizer can do all this?

What did you say? Soap! Screw you ya stupid son of a…

Nope, wait… wait… let me gain my composure. I’m sick and tired of letting soap people piss me off. Most of ‘em can’t even read, anyway; so I might as well move on.

The point is, people need hand sanitizer. Without it, germs would win. Tiny, microscopic killers would arise from the bathrooms and pre-Ks of the world to terrorize and eventually destroy mankind as we know it. It’s hand sanitizer like me that acts as a barrier between mankind and worldwide catastrophe. Ever heard of the Black Plague? That started because there was no hand sanitizer. And remember that annoying dance called the Macarena? You don’t see it anymore do you? You know why? People started using more Purell hand sanitizer.

Hmm? What? Soap could not have stopped the Black Plague you dumb motherf…

Nope… nope… I’m not going to lose it. Go to my happy place… go to my happy place… Eva Mendez’s bathroom counter… Eva Mendez’s bathroom counter… oh yeah. Now I’m in my happy place. I’m fine. I’m good.

What was I saying before the soap moron interrupted me? Oh yeah, I have a purpose. I’m hand sanitizer, and I keep the world safe. Funny thing about being a bottle of hand sanitizer though; most people with a purpose in life feel fulfilled. I, on the other hand, seem to keep getting emptier.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Purpose Baby Wipes

One of the major reasons a baby cries and becomes restless is when he's feeling not clean and uncomfortable. All mothers out there would love to see their babies happy and comfy. Changing nappies has always been a mess to handle and is difficult for both you and your baby. Not only changing nappies but pretty much any activity your baby would be involved in would pretty much cause a mess. To provide a solution to all these problems baby wipes were made. Baby wipes have met the continuous needs of mothers to keep their babies clean and safe. Their moisture and softness make babies love to get cleaned and make it a lot easier for you to handle them. They also have an antibacterial effect to help protect babies from the many germs they get exposed to all the time. Babies love making messes and mommy's can enjoy the moment too as long as they have baby wipes tagged along. The industry of baby care products is now gaining more importance and growing by the minute.
Many manufacturers of baby care products have now included baby wipes in their line due to the increasing consumer demand. Huggies is a big well known brand in the field of baby care products. Their most famous product Huggies nappies have led the way in this product's development since they were first introduced. Huggies continue to improve and meet the needs of babies and families' expectations. Like the rest of great Huggies products, Huggies baby wipes are the thickest now in the market and provide a soft and gentle clean every time. They clean up everything from little faces and bottoms to spills and the creative messes of your babies. In 2005 they introduced the extra sensitive wipes for delicate sensitive skin of newborns. Huggies baby wipes use natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and gentle formulations that are soap and alcohol free. Baby wipes can help you give your baby a quick nappy change in the worst clean ups leaving your baby with a soft clean time after time. You can take them with you everywhere to make it easier to handle everything your baby does without cutting down the fun. With the new pop up package use your wipes over and over again without any dryness.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toothpaste for Hotels

Give your teeth the proper care and still eat whatever you like when you use your toothpaste regularly. Based on dentists' advice, brushing your teeth after every meal with proper toothpaste can help you prevent dental cavities. Since we have about 3 meals per day the minimum number of times you should brush your teeth is three times to be on the safe side. Not only is the number of times you brush your teeth what counts but also the type of toothpaste.

Toothpaste was originally referred to in a manuscript written by the ancient Egyptians in the 4th century A.D. from a mixture of iris flowers. It then was evolved by Greeks, Romans and Persians throughout the years to finally come into general use in the 19th century as toothpaste and powder. Toothpaste is used easily with a toothbrush to clean and maintain the health of teeth and gums. Its active ingredients include fluoride or xylitol which aids in its beneficial effects that also include improving bad mouth odour.

Toothpaste now comes in a varsity of colors and flavours including the famous mint with its variants; spearmint, peppermint and regular mint and also other flavors such as cinnamon, apple, apricot, lavender, vanilla, orange and lemon.

One of the famous trusted brands in the field of dental care is Colgate and manufactures a variety of products from toothpastes to toothbrushes to tooth whitening products. They all aim for maximal dental and oral care for trusting customers present worldwide. Colgate toothpaste provides 12 hour germ fighting protection and helps prevent bad mouth odour, dental plaques and residues, gingivitis and dental cavities and caries. They manufacture a variety of toothpastes each having a special additional benefit like Enamel Strength, Advanced Whitening, Advanced clean and Fresh and Mint Whitening. Colgate toothpaste helps to protect against gingivitis which in its late stages can lead to periodonitis, a more serious and damaging stage of infection. Recent studies have proved that periodonitis is associated with certain systemic illnesses such as Heart disease, strokes and Diabetes. Colgate also provides specialized toothbrushes to be used with toothpaste for maximal benefit.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Escape the harmful effects of dust in your workplace

Dust is minute particulate matter hanging in the air which is present both inside our homes and work places and outside on the streets of our city. Some people may not be aware of this but dust causes serious harmful effects on our health such as many respiratory diseases and dust related allergies. Dust is actually any solid particle in the air that is less than 500 micrometers in diameter. Depending on where it is found dust can be classified into house or domestic dust, atmospheric dust, natural as well as manmade and space stardust which we can call cosmic dust. Nevertheless, the most common form of dust we are in continuous battle with is domestic dust which usually consists of dead human and animal cells as well as other commonly found particles in air.

The importance of fighting dust comes from the serious safety risks and health effects dust poses especially if the exposure is for a long period of time. The consistent exposure to dust particles and house dust mite which feed on dust can result in the development of asthma and other respiratory conditions. That is why domestic dust control is important which can be simple as keeping a good airflow or removing and cleaning dust from surfaces where it is likely to accumulate or can be more technological to involve air filters, purifiers and personal protective respirators.

We are now more able to fight dust effectively and protect ourselves from its harmful effects and allergies it causes due to the modern technology available. Companies in the cleaning industry are now well aware of all this and are in continuous competition to provide solutions for dust removal. From these many companies is Procter & Gamble which manufactures Swiffer the major cleaning duster brand that offers great dusting, sweeping and mopping solutions. Swiffer offers a wide range of dusting products including regular Dusters 360 degrees Dusters, Dusters with extendable handles and Dust and Shine spray. Swiffer also provides a whole dusting kit that includes a handle and disposable dusters that can be used to remove dust from hardly reached places wether tiny or big. Swiffer dusters don't just disperse the dust but lock it in and remove it. Make sure you protect all your family against dust and also get a dust free clean home.